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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

Edinburgh At Night

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Old bricks breathe and in Edinburgh they seem to sigh in defiance of the gaudy shops hocking scarves and scotch. That it held any character at all was all due to the rock and stones that have been here for hundreds of years. I was happy to walk those streets and crawl through the underground. Ghosts walk there among the barely living.



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The English Countryside Is Also Charming

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Because my friends Sue and Mark are wonderful humans, I got a chance at a home-cooked meal and a hike in the English countryside. It was a much needed antidote to a week in a cubicle.

Forests all look like forests, except they don’t. The trees were all just a bit too gnarly and the underbrush had too many ferns and grasses and not enough shrubs and brambles. It was home, but also obviously not a hike in the Pacific Northwest nor the Midwest or Appalachian Mountains.

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Newcastle Upon Tyne Is Charming

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I spent a couple of weeks in Newcastle in November. I spent most of my time in a cubicle learning how my co-workers move billions of dollars around, but when I had some free time, I got to see the city a little.

I won’t get into the details, but am having technical difficulty using Lightroom which means that I am unable to edit this stuff. It’s a little maddening, because I think these would have more punch with a little judicious cropping and color adjustments. But hey, I have procrastinated putting these up for long enough.

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MPMF17 Saturday in Pics

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Out West

We spent Thanksgiving in Denver visiting Jeannine’s brother and his family. We ate. We hiked. We ate some more. We experienced flight delays on Frontier, which seems the norm. 

I am still having nightmares about going into hiding. But here’s these pictures. Who knows how long I have this ability.

Frozen Bear Lake

Bear Lake is in Rocky Mountain National Park. I joked it will be the sight of the next Trump hotel. For a mere 2000 dollars you can play golf there. It will be great.

Bear Lake in Colorado

We climbed some rocks there, and it was great.

Falcon Mountain

This is on the trail up to the top of Falcon Mountain. I don’t know it it looks like a falcon or was home to many falcons. Or none of the above.

John Brisben Walker house ruins

John Brisben Walker built a 10 bedroom stone chalet there. It burned in a fire, and he said fuck it I am out.

John Brisben Walker house ruins

It was super cool to wander the ruins. Apparently the fire places needed to be brick and not stone. Also, the brick aged better.

John Brisben Walker house ruins

That fence is hampering my freedom to casually destroy the ruins. Don’t tread on me fence!