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MPMF15 – I Fell Off the Wagon

I failed miserably at posting my recommendations this week. It’s hard ┬ámoving to another city and trying to suck every amazing experience out of it as quickly as possible. See other blog posts for more on that topic.

Here’s what I would have recommended this week had I managed to do it.

  • American Wrestlers
  • Caspian
  • Public
  • Roadkill Ghost Choir
  • Ggoolldd
  • Diet Cig
  • Sweet and the Sweet Sweets

Here’s what I have already seen and loved. The only reason these bands didn’t make my must-see is because I have seen them, in some cases multiple times. They are excellent, don’t let the fact that I might skip them for acts I haven’t seen dissuade you from checking them out.

Now all that’s left to do is get my Schedule for the fest sorted. I say that as though this is an easy task. It’s not. Post coming soon.

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Midpoint Music Fest 2014 Must-see: All Them Witches

Ohh, the crunchy blues licked goodness of this band. This band is going to melt my face off with rock and roll. I want to ride that old-school guitar amp sound right into a bucket of fried chicken and biscuits.

Last year Black Rebel Motorcycle Club melted my face off with rock and roll. This year my eye brows will be singed on Friday September 26th at The Drinkery at Midpoint Music Festival.