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Elk Creek at MOTR, also Seattle

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I saw Elk Creek play at MOTR on Friday night. Some late in the set sound issues aside, they sounded good. I think they were short a lead guitarist, so I am excited to check them out again with a full band.

Bobby Bare Jr. played afterward. Man. He was really spectacular. Three piece bands have it tough. There simply aren’t enough bodies on stage to create layers of sounds to keep the audience interested. Bobby Bare Jr. used all the tools as his disposal including some really dynamic pedals as well as his snapping fingers and rangy voice. He was really great to watch. Seriously, go seem him if you can. He makes me think Nashville still has a soul.

Elk Creek at MOTR Pub

Elk Creek at MOTR Pub

Seattle winged varmint.

Seattle winged varmint.



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