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Midpoint Music Fest 2014 Must-see: Rubblebucket and Friday’s Schedule

This is fun. I am curious what these guys will do in a live show. When I listen to music, sometimes my spidey sense immediately recognizes that the band’s live show will be stellar. Rubblebucket is an enigma in that way. Either their show will be super fun and have great energy, or it will be awful. And I mean awful in one of two ways. Either the live representation of the music won’t live up to the recording in the sense that the instrumentation is significantly different, or they will be sloppy in their performance. Here’s to hoping that they are super fun, because I really dig their recordings.

I have finally worked out Friday’s schedule. I am pleased because this means I only have one more schedule to put together.

5 Yugos – MP Midway
6 Joseph Arthur – Washington Park
6 Real Estate – MP Midway (I will split my time between these two bands in the 6 o’clock hour)
715 Wussy – Washington Park (If for some reason I am not feeling Wussy, and this is very unlikely, Bully – Christian Moerlein Tap Room)
815 Drowners – Christian Moerlein
830 The Afghan Wigs – Washington Park (will arrive just a bit late)
930 Tycho – Christian Moerlein
930 The Locals – MOTR (Alternate, if I don’t connect with Tycho)
10 Fort Wilson Riot – The Know
1030 Shivering Timbers – Mr Pitiful’s
11 All Them Witches – The Drinkery
1115 Love X Stereo – Mainstay Rock Bar (will get there late)
1145 Rubblebucket – The Know
1230 Miniature Tigers – Mainstay Rock Bar

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Women Don’t Need Pockets and a Continuation of the Seedling Story

The first seedlings

These are the first sunflower and marigold seedlings that came up on the 26th.

I will attempt to run a 15K tomorrow. This will end one of two ways. I will either be dry heaving on the side of Columbia Parkway, or I will barely be able to crawl out of bed on Monday morning. I went to Target today to get something appropriate to wear. The weather will make appropriate clothing tricky. The race starts at 8 at which point it will be 46 degrees and rainy. While running my guts out a light shirt and running pants will be acceptable. I sweat like a beast when active. The trouble will start after I get to the finish line. I won’t be running anymore and it will still be chilly and rainy.

I was hoping Target would have some women’s running pants with pockets. No dice. All the men’s pants have pockets. They don’t cost any more than the women’s pants. What gives? Do just men have things like car keys and cell phones that need to be stowed while working out? This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed this. I have resorted to buying men’s track pants for quite some time for this reason. What sane woman totes around her purse while at the gym or while out for a jog?? What do clothing manufacture’s think we do with necessary items like driver licenses? If no athletic clothing company has addressed this by the time I’m ready to move on to a new career, I’m making women’s athletic clothing with places to stow their junk.

It’s time for Seedling update. My first seedlings appeared on the 26th. The lamps seem to be doing a great job. Due to my plant munching cats, I have limited options in where to place my seedlings for the to get maximum light. Last year I had to keep them in a window that only got sunlight in the morning. The seedlings seemed to get really leggy on their quest to reach for the sun. I’m curious to see if the grow lamps yield a different result. My first seedlings were the sunflowers and marigolds.

Many more seedlings appeared on the 27th. The new seedlings included most of the romaine lettuce, more than half of the cauliflower, most of the broccoli, and most of the marigolds. The tomatoes are teeny tiny. Their first seedling leaves aren’t out of the ground yet. I can see the teeny stems on their way out though.

Thus far I have had a pretty good rate of germination. Last year I had good germination for all the plants except the bell peppers. Those didn’t do so hot. I don’t know if the environment wasn’t warm enough for them or what. I have the grow lamps set-up in the attic. It’s the warmest part of the house in the spring with all the sunlight that is absorbed by the black roof.

The asparagus plant is back from the grave. I was supposed to bring the plant in last winter. I planned poorly because the pot the asparagus is in was too large to drag in the house. I just noticed today that there are brand new asparagus stalks in the pot this spring. I’m really happy. I thought I killed it. It is apparently more hardy than I realized. I’ll have pictures of that soon.

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Eating from my Backyard

My first season of trying to grow things has gone well. I had low expectations for my gardening abilities. Thus far, I’ve eaten my grown-from-seed green beans and sugar snap peas. I had some spinach come up, but I neglected to pick it before it started to flower. I will try that again in the fall.

This first pic is of my only surviving tomato plant from seed. The germination rate on the tomatoes was nearly 100 percent. I had about eight or nine seedlings that I put outside. The seedlings in the back were all scarfed up by some sort of critter. I put two seedlings in the front bed. One of the seedlings was also scarfed by a critter. This guy powered through and is doing well. Something has eaten off a few of the blooms on this guy. So, I’m not holding my breath on getting tomatoes.

I purchased a few strawberry plants. I was feeling too impatient to grow them from seed. I love strawberries. A couple of the plants are planted. A few of them are in a planter. I’ve had them for a little over a week. They seem to be happy. Both the in-ground and in-pot plants have new growth. The picture is of the plants in the pot.

The bell peppers have been a struggle. Their germination rate was a little less than 50 percent, when I had them indoors. We just started a pot from seed outside a week ago. That one seemed to germinate well. The area the pot is in gets full sun almost all day. I’m wondering if that wasn’t the key for them. I put about 5 pepper seedlings outside. All but one of them got eaten in the back yard. The poor little survivor got its leaves bit off several times, but I keeps trying to sprout new ones. I think that one might make it. I put two seedlings in the front. One of the two was eaten. I included a picture of the pepper plant that is doing the best.

I killed my basil seedlings. The basil germinated at a 90 percent rate. I moved five seedlings outside. All of them died. It didn’t seem that they were eaten like many of my other seedlings. I wonder if the sudden increase in sunlight was too much for them. We planted more basil in a pot directly outside. Thus far the basil seedlings look very happy. I’ve included a picture of the basil seedlings. We also planted some onions and catnip in planters. I’ve learned that basil and catnip seedlings look awfully similar.

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Mission Germination: Success

Since I have been off of work for a few days with shingles, I have had plenty of time to obsess over my plants. I could write a whole new post on the shingles experience. I will just say that I have it on my face. It hurts. I’m on LOTS of medication. I’m taking handfuls of drugs per day. It is not pleasant in any way.

As I mentioned in past posts, I am making my first attempt at growing my own veggies. I am growing them from seeds. So, the first hurdle to get over is getting the seeds to germinate. Here’s where I am.

My peas after their transplant outside.

My peas after their transplant outside.

Peas: 11 of 12 seeds planted have germinated. In fact the plants are so large, I had to transplant them out side. They were out growing their little peat pots. The peas are looking good since their transplant.

Tomatoes: 6 of 16 seeds planted have germinated. Unfortunately, my cats ate two of my seedlings. I’m crossing my fingers that more of the seeds germinate.

Peppers: 4 of 16 seeds planted have germinated. I’m not totally certain what I am seeing are peppers and not onions. So, for now these I’m calling these seedlings peppers.

Green Beans: 1 of 12 seeds planted have germinated. I can see disturbance in a few other been pots. I’m pretty sure more will come up shortly.

Unidentified: I have two seedlings that I can’t identify. More on those in future posts.

So, I haven’t seen any onions, cilantro, basil, lettuce, spinach or carrots yet. I’m just excited that I have a few plants. I really have no idea what I’m doing.

One of my tomato seedlings. This one survived the cat attack.

One of my tomato seedlings. This one survived the cat attack.

This is my green bean seedling. It's growing so fast.

This is my green bean seedling. It's growing so fast.

These are either bell peppers or onions. I dunno yet.

These are either bell peppers or onions. I dunno yet.

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Getting my Future Garden Area Under Control

My yard has been left to nature for years. I started a war with the weeds that are attempting to take over the whole yard. I’m not even talking about that low growing green stuff that isn’t really grass. I have full blown tree-like things.

Although they are presenting a problem for me, I have to admit the plants have a pretty good gig. They grow to be many feet high. They shade the surrounding grass causing it’s death. They drop their seeds on the bare ground. Unchecked, they take over your yard.

I hacked lots of them down today, but I have many more to go. I did get a couple of spots cleared out. I planted spinach, lettuce and carrots. The spinach and lettuce is supposed to be a chilly weather plan, so I think they will probably grow. I’m not so sure about the carrots. This will be the first of many experiments.

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I’ve Started Growing Things and this Blog Will Be My Diary

I’m trying to grow stuff. Up to this point in my life, I have not had a green thumb. I’ve decided to document my abject failures and wild successes with growing my own food in this blog. I’m hoping this will jog my memory next year and enable me to repeat my successes and steer clear of my failures.

On March 9th, I planted green beans, sugar snap peas, asparagus, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, basil, lettuce, carrots and peppers. I got a seed-potting mix and trays of peat moss mini pots. I loaded up the little pots with seed-potting mix and seeds. I watered them. Then I waited.

I have already made my first mistake. I didn’t label the mini-pots with what seeds I placed there. I have three sprouts now, but I’m not sure what they are. They are awfully cute though.