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Midpoint Music Fest 2014 Must-see: Rubblebucket and Friday’s Schedule

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This is fun. I am curious what these guys will do in a live show. When I listen to music, sometimes my spidey sense immediately recognizes that the band’s live show will be stellar. Rubblebucket is an enigma in that way. Either their show will be super fun and have great energy, or it will be awful. And I mean awful in one of two ways. Either the live representation of the music won’t live up to the recording in the sense that the instrumentation is significantly different, or they will be sloppy in their performance. Here’s to hoping that they are super fun, because I really dig their recordings.

I have finally worked out Friday’s schedule. I am pleased because this means I only have one more schedule to put together.

5 Yugos – MP Midway
6 Joseph Arthur – Washington Park
6 Real Estate – MP Midway (I will split my time between these two bands in the 6 o’clock hour)
715 Wussy – Washington Park (If for some reason I am not feeling Wussy, and this is very unlikely, Bully – Christian Moerlein Tap Room)
815 Drowners – Christian Moerlein
830 The Afghan Wigs – Washington Park (will arrive just a bit late)
930 Tycho – Christian Moerlein
930 The Locals – MOTR (Alternate, if I don’t connect with Tycho)
10 Fort Wilson Riot – The Know
1030 Shivering Timbers – Mr Pitiful’s
11 All Them Witches – The Drinkery
1115 Love X Stereo – Mainstay Rock Bar (will get there late)
1145 Rubblebucket – The Know
1230 Miniature Tigers – Mainstay Rock Bar

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