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Getting my Future Garden Area Under Control

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My yard has been left to nature for years. I started a war with the weeds that are attempting to take over the whole yard. I’m not even talking about that low growing green stuff that isn’t really grass. I have full blown tree-like things.

Although they are presenting a problem for me, I have to admit the plants have a pretty good gig. They grow to be many feet high. They shade the surrounding grass causing it’s death. They drop their seeds on the bare ground. Unchecked, they take over your yard.

I hacked lots of them down today, but I have many more to go. I did get a couple of spots cleared out. I planted spinach, lettuce and carrots. The spinach and lettuce is supposed to be a chilly weather plan, so I think they will probably grow. I’m not so sure about the carrots. This will be the first of many experiments.

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