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David Up Close


I can already tell were getting some of these David pictures printed in a triptych or something. Here’s Jeannine’s shots with the telephoto lens of the same places we visited in my post yesterday. I wrote most of my thoughts on the matter there. This one is just all picutures and mostly David. Because what could possibly be more magnificent.



This is where we had the best pizza of the trip. It’s a market in Florence. The bottom functions as a food market, and only operates in the mornings. Upstairs there’s food stalls that stay open until the late afternoon. These guys made the best pizza I have ever eaten. I also got an amazing conollo here. 


This is where the best pizza was born.


Pope Snoke.


2 thoughts on “David Up Close

  1. Two things:
    1. We ate at that food place. So many choices and everything so fresh.
    2. The close-up of David’s right hand: I’m pretty sure I could start an IV there!

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