Kate's Queen City Notes

Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

Snowfilled Vistas


I saw ice in the river for the first time this winter. Of course, I had to shoot it.

The Roebling Bridge

The river looked incredible with the large chunks of ice floating buy.

Inside Pho Lang Thang in Cincinnati

This is inside one of my favorite places to eat in the city. Pho Lang Thang.

Findlay Market in the winter.

There were a few brave souls that managed to leave the house.

Paul Brown Stadium in the winter

Don’t worry everyone. The city couldn’t manage to get the major interstate plowed, but Paul Brown Stadium is perfectly cleared. So, that will be a big help when the Bengals play next August.

Ally off of 4th Street in Cincinnati

Evidence of other people braving the weather.

Findlay Market in winter

The Findlay Market snow removal team had their work cut out for them.

A building on 4th Street during renovation.

The building two doors down is under renovation. That means there’s lots of decay to ruminate on.

The Ohio River facing west off the Roebling Bridge.

Watching the ice float by made me enter a meditative state. It was accidentally a practice in being present.

Bell's The Planets beer tasting

Bell’s beer tasting was delightful as was the CSO’s performance of The Planets.

2 thoughts on “Snowfilled Vistas

  1. Love your shot of the alley way with the Do Not Enter sign. I give you props for braving the weather to create some really wonderful art. Too often I find myself making excuses instead of just going out!

    • Thanks! I am one of those weirdos that loves winter. Getting past all excuses and self doubt is so tough. Sometimes just getting out the door with my camera feels like a massive victory.

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