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Midpoint Music Fest 2014 Must-see: EMA and Saturday’s Schedule

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Here’s what I am afraid of. I like EMA’s recordings, but it sounds like there was lots of technology used to create them. This leaves me uncertain of what this will be like live.

And here’s Saturday’s schedule! No more scheduling. Huzzah!!
230 Modoc – Washington Park
345 Public – Washington Park
5 Empires – Washington Park
630 OK Go – Washington Park
715 Ancient Warfare – Moerlein Tap Room
830 Coves – Moerlein Tap Room
845 – The Nepotist – Mainstay Rock Bar
930 Ex Hex – The Know
930 Ravonettes Moerlein Tap Room
945 Low Cut Connie – Midpoint Midway
1030 Speedy Ortiz – The Know
1115 The Tontons – Mainstay Rock Bar
1145 EMA – The Know
1145 Gardens and Villa – Memorial Hall
1215 Milagres – The Drinkery
1230 Ex-Cult – Moerlein Tap Room


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