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Midpoint Music Fest 2014 Must-see: Milagres

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You never know when you want to re-live all those sport coats in 80’s videos. Especially, the sport coat with pushed-up arms look. Don Johnson’s got nothing on these guys.

And then there’s this. Watching this video makes me feel like I should be watching MTV in 1986. It’s not any one thing, but a collection of attributes. The style of the music is 80’s throwback, with the prominent synth sounds and the falsetto crooning on some of the tracks. It’s also the strange subject matter coupled with the casting and wardrobe. The actors are all middle-aged and ordinary. They are dressed like people would have been in an American Legion Hall in Canton in 1987. And then there’s the muscle-bound man dressed as a woman. For an 80’s video with seemingly unrelated subject matter watch Safety Dance.

In hindsight, music videos were probably a huge opportunity for aspiring film makers. Because the videos were short and had small budgets relative to movies and shows, untried creative artists could experiment. And because they were making these for musicians, their videos would have a guaranteed audience in the band’s fans. I am guessing that goes a long way in explaining why the creative content of the videos was so diverse. I digress.

I’m curious to see what Milagres sounds like live. They are playing Midpoint Music Fest on September 27th, at The Drinkery. I don’t know how the people that create the MPMF schedule manage to book bands in venues that seem to suit them, but damn. They really excel at that. Seeing Milagres in that sweaty, packed venue seems totally appropriate. I can’t wait.

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