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Midpoint Music Fest 2014 Must-see: OK Go

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The last time I saw OK Go perform, it was a free show at Fountain Square at least five or six years ago. They have been busy in the meantime. Such as.

The visuals are really clever. But, man, is that a dark song. The first time I heard it, I thought it sounded like a New Order song. I thought that because it does. So much so, that I’m pretty sure they are referencing this New Order song on purpose.

I have no real sense of why they’ve linked these songs together melodically. Maybe OK Go are New Order fans. Maybe they just liked the sound of the song and wanted to take a shot at their own interpretation. But their lyrics seem too thoughtful for the nod to be that superficial. I think that both of these songs are about disappointment in relationships.

Disappointment in relationships, what a prickly subject. It’s the thing that goes unspoken except in song lyrics like these. And yet every single person on this planet who has been romantically involved with another human has experienced it.

I know I won’t be disappointed in this show. OK Go plays Washington Park on Saturday Sept. 27 at Midpoint Music Festival. If you love experiencing new music live and you live close to Cincinnati, you must check out this fest.

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