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Midpoint Music Fest Must-see: The Ravonettes

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David Lynch would listen to The Ravonettes. Are you ready for some darkness? The dark is here.

Their harmonies and sound roll out of the 50’s, but dig just beyond the surface and there’s a bleak, dark hole were the Leave It to Beaver love stories should be.

And like David Lynch movies that explore the darkness in suburbia and ordinary life, I also love these bright and shiny melodies with their coal black lyrics. They will play the stage at Christian Moerlein tap room on Saturday September 27th at Midpoint Music Fest.

It’s an accident that I’ve only discussed bands that are booked for Saturday. But this does illustrate that this is the year for conflict. More that other years, there are bands playing that I want to see across town at the same time. Really, this is a pretty great problem to have.

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