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Midpoint Music Fest 2014 Must-See: Wussy

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Months ago I agreed to take a weekend road trip to Nashville. I’m sure it will be fun. But Cincinnati seems to be at her best in the month of September, and any weekend away means missing some fun events. I just realized that I will be missing Wussy’s show at Motr on Sept. 12th. Balls.

While I have been listening to my Midpoint Music Fest playlist, I’ve really connected with one of their songs of Strawberry. Connecting with music for me usually starts with the sound, a good melody. At some point after listen number 10? Maybe it’s 12? I don’t know the exact number. I notice a turn of phrase in the lyrics that piques my interest. At the end of this rabbit hole, sometimes I find beautiful writing. It’s that beautiful writing that brings me to buying album after album. When a Death Cab for Cutie or National album drops, I purchase those without a single prior listen. I want the writing. It’s the writing that I come back for.

The line that caught my attention in “Waiting Room” was as follows.

Stand for the silent bride
Maidens in crimson drapes
Bottle it up inside til it explodes and washes over rows of everyone attending
Sad Midwestern baptist girl writes sorry on the mirror
Crying in the bathroom on the first night of the honeymoon
It numbs you like the colors in the waiting room

Then later I found this.

Out on a great crusade
Under a million stars
Focusing on your face with the lines increases coming on like US Grant to Richmond
Bona fide but trapped inside a shell that says to hell with you
You pour it out and hope that someone notices before it’s through
It rides you like the silence in the waiting room

Beautiful. Note that I couldn’t find any of their lyrics online, so you are reading what my ears could pick out. I could have made a mistake in there. What a gorgeous song about the quiet desperation in ordinary lives.

Under different circumstances I would be standing right in front at Motr watching these guys play on September 12th. Since that can’t happen I will be standing in front seeing them play at Washington Park on September 26th, as part of the Friday line-up of Midpoint Music Festival. If you are a Cincinnati native and you like experiencing new music, you won’t find a better event in the city. GO. If I ever move away, I will gladly come back every year for this weekend. You can read about my experience last year here, here and here.

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