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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

Slip-N-Slide Boobs

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I tried out my new running Saucony shoes and the body glide. The shoes performed pretty great. They feel really plush in comparison to my old shoes; I’m sure I waited way to long to buy new shoes. The body glide was effective, but I would caution any other people using it to use restraint when applying it. It doesn’t like to come off in the shower. Of course, it makes sense that it’s not water soluble; otherwise I would just sweat it off. I just didn’t think this much about it when I was generously applying it. Maybe I can take my bra off without taking off my shirt for the next few days.

I also ran outside today. I discovered that it is difficult to run five miles in downtown without heading into Clifton or Mt Adams. I did a lot of doubling back on myself to make my distance. The run felt a little rough; I don’t know if that’s due to my asthma or all the stopping and starting for traffic lights. I’ll have to try that run again without the asthma and see if it’s still difficult.

Total Miles logged: 57.8

Days until the pig: 103

Miles run today: 5.1

Average pace: 5 mph

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