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Cheese Brick Bacon Sandwiches, Anyone?

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I worked on building speed on my run today. I did intervals of 6.2 mph and 4.7 mph for a minute and a half each. It felt pretty great. On my next interval run, I will go for 6.3 and 4.8. I can’t tell if my endurance is building or my perception of suffering is getting pushed to further and further extremes. It’s probably a blend of both. But I feel like running 3 miles is a warm up now.

I feel hungry all the time, but I’m too lazy to prepare more food for myself. This combination has resulted in me taking off my five pounds of water retention from last week and three more pounds for good measure. If I lose another five pounds, I will have to start eating bricks of cheese wrapped in bacon. The saddest part about that is some people would consider that a treat, but I find it totally unappealing. So, no cheese brick bacon sandwiches for me. I will try and stock up on fruits and veggies that I can just grab and eat on my next grocery trip.

Total Miles logged: 60.8

Days until the pig: 102

Miles run today: 3

Average pace: 5.5 mph

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