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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

Sandals in the Snow and Other Bad Combinations

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I was headed out the door to the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. Since this has been the winter of SNOW-MY-GOD in Cincinnati snowdrifts were hanging around. I noticed that I didn’t change out of my sandals a few paces from my car. My laziness dictated that I not head back to the house for more sensible shoes.

While I was attempting to avoid piles of blackened snow and grayish brown lakes of oily snow remainder, the foolishness of my choice came into sharp clarity. I also considered this. Why is snowmelt so utterly foul? When summer rain makes lakes out of parking lots the said lakes aren’t nearly as retch inducing.

Another wave of SNOW-MY-GOD made its way from the Midwest and rolled over the Northeast. I had the unfortunate experience of driving from Washington DC to Cincinnati during the festivities. I really like Jenn’s Fit. It’s a good little car. But on this particular trip it was bringing me no comfort. The trip was 11 hours of near death experiences.

The thing I found the most cringe worthy was the enormous semis speeding past us at fifty or sixty miles per hour. With no pavement visible, I simply don’t understand how those trucks would be able to stop should something unexpected occur. I had visions of being flattened into a little blue pancake while the semi driver might continue on unfazed by that large pothole that was my life being quashed.

Me managed the trip without incident. I have learned two things. First, it is best to avoid sandals when large quantities of snow are on the ground. Second, it is best to avoid cross-country trips when large winter storms are your constant companion.

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