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This Weekend and Stuff and Junk

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This weekend brought a bevy of things to blog about. My weekend started with skiing on Friday night. I went with Jon and his friend Breezy B. They snowboard. I cannot remain upright on a snowboard for more than 10 seconds at a time. As you could image this is a painful way to make one’s way down a hill.

Jon took Breezy B on his virgin trip boarding years ago.  In the mean years, Breezy B has surpassed Jon’s skills. Through out the night of boarding Jon endured lots of ribbing about Breezy passing him up in boarding skills. After hours of snowy adventure, Breezy speeds past Jon and I.  He had his hand down on the ground behind his board throwing up a trail of snow. While he was looking back at us, he hit the orange barrier fence. He went over the fence. His hand got caught on the fence but his body kept moving into the woods. This resulted in a torn rotator cuff. Breezy was down. I went to fetch ski patrol. My night ended in the ski patrol office with other injured folks and in the emergency room with even more injured folks. Neato.

Saturday I got a free ticket to an event at the CAC in Cincinnati. They had Shepard Fairey’s work on display. I don’t know what I was expecting in this exhibit. I know that it surpassed whatever those expectations were. Shepard had years of work on display. He started graphics work on the idea that public space can be reclaimed from the corporate interests that manage it now. It was amazing. I suggest his work if you are at all interested in all the corporate messages that we are surrounded with.

On Sunday, I attempted to make yellow cake with chocolate icing. The cake required some mixing that I just wasn’t accustomed to. I had to mix all the egg yolks, vanilla and milk separately. It was weird. The cake turned out great. The chocolate icing had semi-sweet chocolate in it as well as coco. It was excellent.

Finally, I have a word or two to say about Joseph Stack. How does one get to a point where one can afford to own and house a plane and still feel that the IRS has wronged you so to fly your plane into the IRS building. Really? The IRS was so bad that you feel compelled to burn the house that keeps your child and crash your plane into the IRS building? That is completely crazy. I know there are lots of libertarians who might identify with Joseph Stack. I am calling them out for the crazy nut-bags that they are. If you have the income to support your house and a plane, you need to shut the fuck up.

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