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Viking Doughnut Holes and Friction Discs

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I’m half way through changing my motorcycle’s oil, checking the screen and replacing the friction discs in the clutch. The discs need to be soaked in motor oil, so here you are.

I took a picture of the motor oil simply for my own reference. I will be looking at this blog entry again the next time I need a change.

My other activity this weekend was to attempt to make Viking doughnut holes. That’s not what they are called, but their official name requires characters that my keyboard simply doesn’t have. Umlauts are hard.

The first challenge was to separate the egg yolks and whites. The last time I attempted this I was in high school and had a nifty Tupperware tool to aid me. This morning I followed the Julie and Julia method of passing the yolk back and forth between my hands until the whites had fully dribbled into the bowl below.

This was easier and more disgusting that I was expecting it to be. The dough turned out to be similar to buttermilk pancake dough but lighter. I poured little bits of the dough into the depressions in the iron pan used to specifically cook this pastry. I put little dabs of applesauce on the dough and covered the dabs with more dough.

The tricky part about these little guys is flipping them. They are only the size of a doughnut hole. I got significantly better at it as I went along. In the first batch I put way too much dough in. The result was that the doughnuts overwhelmed their cups and I had one really big ping-pong ball pimpled pancake. By the third or fourth round I got a little better at it. Here’s the result of my last round.

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