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MPMF17 Saturday Schedule

How is it that The New Pornographers and Broken Social Scene overlap? HOW? After a run through of the bands this morning I have to say, this is probably the most diverse mix of music they’ve had in recent memory. Cheers to that.

One observation, sounding like The Breeders, aka woman led 90’s guitar rock, must be a thing. So many bands in that neighborhood. Literally ran by Filthy Friends in my listen fest and thought HEEEYYYY Corin Tucker inspired vocals. HEEEEYYYYY.

2:45 Blossom Hall – Skyline Chili Stage
3:20 Even Tiles- Taft Ballroom
430 Kid Stardust- Taft Ballroom
5:05 DYAN – Skyline Chili Stage
6 Preoccupations – Masonic Cathedral
6:30 The Cactus Blossoms – Masonic Ballroom
8:25 Frightened Rabbit- The Taft
9 The New Pornographers – The Taft
10 Broken Social Scene – The Taft
1130 Citizen – Taft Ballroom

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MPMF17 What I Will See

Alrighty, into the depths with this year’s line-up. Frightened Rabbit is spectacular. I’ve seen them several times across the years, and I have never been disappointed. Local acts DYAN and Kid Stardust will give you a worthy hour of great music. Automagic put up a rousing show at MOTR a few years back, that featured some rocking out in underwear. Sphinx, when I last saw them, was so kind as to honor my request for “What Is Love” and sent The Drinkery into a 90’s dance party. All your troubles will float away on The Young Heirlooms vocal harmonies. That about rounds out everything I’ve seen before and know and love.

Valerie June, Noname, Bedouine, and Mad Anthony (I know they play out here all the time, how have I not seen them?) are on my most anticipated list. My super human ability to listen to recordings and know how it will translate to a live show is pinging off the charts on BADBADNOTGOOD. I’ve not seen them, but I bet their live show will entrance me. Unfortunately, this will probably make me split my time between these folks and Walk The Moon.

Now then. I’m off to try and remember how to work my camera, and write up my schedule.


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Christmas Jazz

I have a love/hate relationship with The Comet. I love that they are a music venue. I hate that the volume takes a year off my ability to hear without mechanized assistance. I love their reasonably priced burritos, quirky jukebox, and excellent beer selection. I hated that all of their bartenders were arrogant and surly. The Comet has been the setting of most of my poor bartender interactions.

To be fair, the bar staff has been considerably nicer in recent years. Unfortunately, this transformation occurred after I moved out of Northside. The surly service is what kept me from being a regular.

I went there for Christmas Jazz. The Steve Schmidt Organ Trio is played jazzy Christmas tunes. If you were ever wondering what a 10 minute “Frosty the Snowman” sounds like, you should attend this event next year.
I don’t like Christmas music. Many Decembers have passed where I have listened to Dean Martin’s “Baby it’s Cold Outside” a mind-numbing 759 times each shift at Starbucks. Often there would be a screaming child across the counter, in the arms of an oblivious parent who can’t figure out what to order despite 20 minutes waiting in line. Who knew the line would end like that? The people in line behind this person are giving me the stink-eye as I am describing all of our herbal teas. Baby, it’s cold outside and inside my soul.

Improvised organ solos drowns out all of my retail Christmas nightmares. I experience Christmas music as something new. Steve Schmidt has made me enjoy Christmas music. Next year, go, even if you’re a grinch.