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Christmas Jazz

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I have a love/hate relationship with The Comet. I love that they are a music venue. I hate that the volume takes a year off my ability to hear without mechanized assistance. I love their reasonably priced burritos, quirky jukebox, and excellent beer selection. I hated that all of their bartenders were arrogant and surly. The Comet has been the setting of most of my poor bartender interactions.

To be fair, the bar staff has been considerably nicer in recent years. Unfortunately, this transformation occurred after I moved out of Northside. The surly service is what kept me from being a regular.

I went there for Christmas Jazz. The Steve Schmidt Organ Trio is played jazzy Christmas tunes. If you were ever wondering what a 10 minute “Frosty the Snowman” sounds like, you should attend this event next year.
I don’t like Christmas music. Many Decembers have passed where I have listened to Dean Martin’s “Baby it’s Cold Outside” a mind-numbing 759 times each shift at Starbucks. Often there would be a screaming child across the counter, in the arms of an oblivious parent who can’t figure out what to order despite 20 minutes waiting in line. Who knew the line would end like that? The people in line behind this person are giving me the stink-eye as I am describing all of our herbal teas. Baby, it’s cold outside and inside my soul.

Improvised organ solos drowns out all of my retail Christmas nightmares. I experience Christmas music as something new. Steve Schmidt has made me enjoy Christmas music. Next year, go, even if you’re a grinch.

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