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Abandoned Mental Hospital? Yes.

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I have been procrastinating writing my follow-up update on Seattle. Some experiences are difficult to capture adequately in words. Expressing my spiritual journey is among them. That will need to wait for a later date.

In the meantime, I went to an abandoned mental hospital. I suppose you could call that experience spiritual? Between Halloween approaching and my love of abandoned buildings I was eager to take this ninety-minute road trip up I-5.

The facility was built in the early 1900’s, and in a testament to they quality with which they were built, most of the buildings are still standing. The hospital itself is still in use but has been re-purposed by Washington state, so that building was unavailable for exploration. The state, satisfying all of the ghost hunters, designated the rest of the grounds as a state park leaving all the remaining structures open to the public.

The facility, like many of its time, was designed to be it’s own self-sustaining community, complete with farm land, crops, livestock, and utilities. Patients’ hands placed all of the bricks and poured the cement. Later, patients tended the crops and animals that nourished them. Most of the farming structures still stand with gaping holes for windows and doors.

With this context, I expected the energy of these spaces to feel heavy. Heavy with the toil of people soughed off by their family through no fault of their own. Heavy with the suffering that comes from state bureaucrats cutting funding and over-crowding as was common in institutions of this kind in the 60’s and 70’s.

But the land, the space was light. I can’t speak for the hospital itself, which was the site of many shock treatments and lobotomies, but the farm buildings seemed peaceful. Perhaps engaging with nature was a welcome retreat for the patients.

Shooting these places was an adventure. That these buildings are available for exploration in spite of the precarious structural integrity of a few of them is emblematic of the libertarian streak I’ve noticed out here. The West Coast refuses to hand-hold. Surprisingly, I felt at ease in these spaces regardless of how creepy the pictures are.

20151025-DSC_5586 20151025-DSC_5589 20151025-DSC_5587 20151025-DSC_5602 20151025-DSC_5604 20151025-DSC_5606 20151025-DSC_5608 20151025-DSC_5593 20151025-DSC_5610 20151025-DSC_5598 20151025-DSC_5615 20151025-DSC_5632 20151025-DSC_5614 20151025-DSC_5630 20151025-DSC_5634 20151025-DSC_5649 20151025-DSC_5662 20151025-DSC_5616 20151025-DSC_5623 20151025-DSC_5620 20151025-DSC_5627 20151025-DSC_5584 20151025-DSC_5641 20151025-DSC_5594 20151025-DSC_5611 20151025-DSC_5640 20151025-DSC_5646 20151025-DSC_5653 20151025-DSC_5636 20151025-DSC_5652 20151025-DSC_5661 20151025-DSC_5656 20151025-DSC_5659 20151025-DSC_5674 20151025-DSC_5677 20151025-DSC_5663 20151025-DSC_5667 20151025-DSC_5681 20151025-DSC_5664 20151025-DSC_5678 20151025-DSC_5698 20151025-DSC_5673 20151025-DSC_5688 20151025-DSC_5672 20151025-DSC_5671 20151025-DSC_5694 20151025-DSC_5692 20151025-DSC_5679 20151025-DSC_5669 20151025-DSC_5685 20151025-DSC_5668 20151025-DSC_5703 20151025-DSC_5683 20151025-DSC_5708 20151025-DSC_5690 20151025-DSC_5713 20151025-DSC_5709 20151025-DSC_5687 20151025-DSC_5716 20151025-DSC_5684 20151025-DSC_5718 20151025-DSC_5731 20151025-DSC_5729 20151025-DSC_5730 20151025-DSC_5734 20151025-DSC_5727 20151025-DSC_5723 20151025-DSC_5721 20151025-DSC_5742 20151025-DSC_5736 20151025-DSC_5755 20151025-DSC_5735 20151025-DSC_5743 20151025-DSC_5738 20151025-DSC_5754 20151025-DSC_5739 20151025-DSC_5741 20151025-DSC_5748 20151025-DSC_5750 20151025-DSC_5746 20151025-DSC_5753 20151025-DSC_5756

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