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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

About That Hiking Thing

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So about this place being beautiful…

20150912-DSC_5382 20150912-DSC_5459 20150912-DSC_5431 20150912-DSC_5426 20150912-DSC_5384 20150912-DSC_5416
20150912-DSC_5407 20150912-DSC_5394 20150912-DSC_5446 20150912-DSC_5409 20150912-DSC_5424
20150912-DSC_5381 20150912-DSC_5441

One thought on “About That Hiking Thing

  1. All so gorgeous! Especially #6 and #11, but I love them all! Hope to get to see these views some day!

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