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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

No Joke, It’s Beautiful Here

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I’ve finally managed to get my photo editing situation under control. I’ve been on two hikes since I’ve been here. I climbed a mountain. Behold the absurd beauty.

Ok this is actually from my apartment deck. It's not exactly nature, but it's still pretty great.

Ok this is actually from my apartment deck. It’s not exactly nature, but it’s still pretty great.

20150907-DSC_5322 20150905-DSC_5163 20150905-DSC_5218 20150907-DSC_5266 20150907-DSC_5312 20150907-DSC_5305 20150905-DSC_5235 20150907-DSC_5294 20150907-DSC_5245 20150905-DSC_5227 20150905-DSC_5195 20150905-DSC_5201 20150907-DSC_5302 20150905-DSC_5198 20150907-DSC_5256 20150905-DSC_5207 20150907-DSC_5251 20150905-DSC_5208 20150907-DSC_5311 20150905-DSC_5225 20150907-DSC_5309 20150905-DSC_5219 20150907-DSC_5313 20150907-DSC_5295 20150907-DSC_5277 20150907-DSC_5301 20150905-DSC_5165 20150905-DSC_5192

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