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MPMF15 Must See – Iron and Wine

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If music is played in utero, it would be Iron and Wine. Nothing says nurturing like the quiet whispering and gentle guitar strumming of Sam Beam. Who wouldn’t want to be gently brought to this world with those soothing sounds?

Although I have listened to that song since it was released in 2004, I only just realized a couple of weeks back what the song is about. It’s totally about death and what to do with one’s remains. That’s what this soothing song is talking about.

This doesn’t make me like the song any less, and I still stand by my opinion that this is the in utero soundtrack. Some how it seems even more appropriate so have a song about death in the incubator for birth.

If you want to crawl back in the womb, like we all do on some days, check out Iron and Wine at MPMF on Sunday at 845 at the Washington Park stage.

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