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Andrew WK Rocks my Socks

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As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I have more blog topics and pictures than words right now. So, in the interests of working out the backlog here’s some pictures of the Andrew WK show at The Woodward Theater. It was great fun.

20150427-20150427-DSC_1250 20150427-20150427-DSC_1252 20150427-20150427-DSC_1268 20150427-20150427-DSC_1259 20150427-20150427-DSC_1247 20150427-20150427-DSC_1226 20150427-20150427-DSC_1244 20150427-20150427-DSC_1218 20150427-20150427-DSC_1225 20150427-20150427-DSC_1219 20150427-20150427-DSC_1220 20150427-20150427-DSC_1227 20150427-20150427-DSC_1232 20150427-20150427-DSC_1248 20150427-20150427-DSC_1235 20150427-20150427-DSC_1221 20150427-20150427-DSC_1241 20150427-20150427-DSC_1249 20150427-20150427-DSC_1260 20150427-20150427-DSC_1224 20150427-20150427-DSC_1202 20150427-20150427-DSC_1222 20150427-20150427-DSC_1217 20150427-20150427-DSC_1214 20150427-20150427-DSC_1201

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