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Photography Success: Smoking The Ohio River

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I have been trying to shoot The Ohio River all winter when the stars align for the river to let off water vapor at dawn. I have only captured it accidentally with my cell phone, but I was dying to get my SLR out to shoot it. The best I can make out, the over-night lows need to be very cold, and the skies need to be clear enough at dawn for the sun to warm the surface of the river water. It was 5 degrees when I was shooting this morning, and I suspect this is the last time the river will smoke this winter. The vapor coupled with the jubilant early morning light is at once eerie and magnificent. It was worth losing feeling in my fingers.

20150306-20150306-DSC_9996 20150306-20150306-DSC_9989 20150306-20150306-DSC_9994 20150306-20150306-DSC_9987 20150306-20150306-DSC_9971 20150306-20150306-DSC_9973 20150306-20150306-DSC_9988 20150306-20150306-DSC_9979 20150306-20150306-DSC_9980 20150306-20150306-DSC_9974 20150306-20150306-DSC_9967 20150306-20150306-DSC_0049 20150306-20150306-DSC_0029 20150306-20150306-DSC_9958 20150306-20150306-DSC_9960 20150306-20150306-DSC_0032 20150306-20150306-DSC_0053 20150306-20150306-DSC_0040 20150306-20150306-DSC_0044 20150306-20150306-DSC_0048 20150306-20150306-DSC_0015 20150306-20150306-DSC_0011 20150306-20150306-DSC_9999 20150306-20150306-DSC_0016 20150306-20150306-DSC_0018 20150306-20150306-DSC_0024 20150306-20150306-DSC_0007 20150306-20150306-DSC_0019 20150306-20150306-DSC_0025 20150306-20150306-DSC_0014

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