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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

In My Block

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I have struggled to keep shooting. For a myriad of reasons, my inner critic is particularly ruthless with any visual artistic work. So, with every design, illustration and photo comes abuse; no human has ever been as cruel to me as my inner critic. The difference between what I intend to capture vs what actually turns out is vast, and I am continually disgusted with myself. My inner critic uses lots of phrases that start with “I should…”.

I have grace with myself in writing. I know I am still learning, and I accept my poor editing abilities. I have grace with myself in playing guitar. When I make a mess of a tune my first thought is what steps I will take to improve, rather than “I should be able to play this.” That self talk with “I should”, it’s not useful. Who cares what should be? What “is” is all that matters.

I’m working to shush my inner critic. As part of that I decided to walk around my block and shoot. Sure, while taking and editing these pictures I was shouting down my inner critic with, “RESPECT THE JOURNEY!!!!”, more often than not. Here’s the results.

I am a crazy cat lady. You will suffer my furry friends.

I am a crazy cat lady. You will suffer my furry friends. Also, look at him. He’s adorable.

The letters ALLRIGHT stained on concrete


Urban Scenes

Paint rusting off

Everything changes.

A picture of a no trespassing sign on the ground

No man shall pass

Black and white photo of old granite foundation.

Beauty in all things.

Ghost sign on McFarland Street.

Ghost sign on McFarland Street.

The side of a brick building with some numbers written on it.

Put to order left to time.

Fire department water spigot with a patina

Antique twitter.

A picture of the exterior of a building on Plum Street with the year 1905 impressed in the decorative brick work.

So much struggle was on the horizon.

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