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100 Books by 40: And Ode to The Hamilton County Library

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Reading 100 books in 2 years, made me grow. Setting that goal with a deadline gave me the motivation that I needed to make reading a bigger part of my life. I have striving to honor my commitments, and this is ss good an exercise as any. I’ve enjoyed the process so much that I am signing up for another list, more on that topic in future posts.

There has been two critical keys to my success. First, my Kindle has enabled me to read while keeping my fitness regimen. I am not naturally a gym enthusiast, but I find regular physical activity keeps my anxiety and depression in check.

Second the Hamilton County Library has granted me access to books without draining my wallet. I have borrowed nearly half of the books on the list from the library. They’ve probably saved me a minimum of $250 bucks. And they couldn’t make it easier for me to get titles. I just browse their catalog with their app on my phone. I put in requests for what I need. When the books are ready, they send me an email letting me know I can come to my local library branch and pick it up.

Hamilton County Library, thanks for the critical part that you’ve played in helping me achieve my goal. Rest assured, I will remember your helping hand when it’s time to vote up your next tax levy. And when I am ready to participate in National Novel Writing Month, I will gladly go to you for encouragement and help.

One thought on “100 Books by 40: And Ode to The Hamilton County Library

  1. I can vouch for the library. It’s amazing. Their hold function is spectacular.

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