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Running Nine Miles is like the Flight to Manila

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I neglected the blog yesterday, but I did run. It was above freezing, so I ran outside for the first time in my training. It was also the first time I took my FiveFingers outside. I ran three miles along the Ohio river. It was beautiful. Here’s a little snap shot.

The run outside felt great. My FiveFingers performed well, but I did notice that the balls of my feet were a little tender after the run. I think I will have to build-up toughness. I’m hoping for more days above freezing, so I can get outside more often.

Today I did 9 miles. It reminded me of my flights to Manila. I would eat a little, nap a little, watch a movie, eat more, read a book, only to realize that the flight isn’t even half over. I watched Jersey Shore. I watched Teen Mom. I watched the Soprano’s marathon; I would have been watching the Soprano’s marathon the whole time, had I only known. Through it all, I was still running. I felt pretty good until the last two miles. I had to repeat my mantra,this too shall pass, over and over again for the last mile. But, I made it. It wasn’t pretty, but I did it. This generally sums up what I hope for the Pig. It won’t be pretty, but I just want to finish.

Total Miles logged: 49.7

Days until the pig: 106

Miles run today: 9

Average pace: 5.2 mph

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