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Midpoint Music Fest 2014 Must-see: Violent Mae and Thursday’s Schedule

Am I in a waking nightmare? No, I am dreading working out my MPMF schedule. SO MUCH GOOD THINGS. TOO MUCH GOOD THINGS. So, to procrastinate that just a bit, let’s talk about how fun Violent Mae is. Hey Fiona Apple without the over-production and piano, what’s up? Plus, could that cave be anymore beautiful… and cold? It has to be frigid in there to create such elaborate icicles. I think I can see an icicle forming on her nose.

These guys play at The Know Theater on Thursday September 25th as part of Midpoint Music Festival. Speaking of Thursday, there’s no more procrastinating. Here goes with my schedule.

5pm Fairmount Girls – Midpoint Midway
615 Indigo Wild – Midpoint Midway
715 The Range – Washington Park
730 Pike 27 – Midpoint Midway
815 VicĀ and Gab – Mainstay Rock Bar
830 Chromeo – Washington Park
915 Darlene – Know Theater
930 Panda Bear – Moerlein Tap Room
10 Violent Mae – Know Theater
1045 Barrence Whitfield and the Savages – The Taft
1130 Sun Kil Moon – Memorial Hall
1130 Mutual Benefit – CAC
1145 Lost In The Trees – Know Theater
12 St Paul and the Broken Bones – The Taft

That 1045 to 12 hour and fifteen minutesĀ is a holy mess. I’m probably going to skip something there. It makes most sense for me to possibly skip out on Sun Kil Moon and Lost In The Trees. That way I can stay in the downtown business district. St Paul and the Broken Bones are going to be amazing, and I don’t want to be late to that. Hence, it’s not realistic for me to ride between OTR, business district, back to OTR, back to business district in the span of 30 minutes. I will ruminate on that further. Why can’t I clone myself?