Kate's Queen City Notes

Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way


Planning in Uncertainty

I have an apartment rented on Main Street. I have all the details worked out about getting the keys. I have scheduled my insurance to transfer to back to Ohio. I sold the few bits of furniture that I collected here. I have the time plotted out to drive back.

What I don’t have is any sense of what the weather will do. Washington State DOT has an entire web page devoted to the conditions of Snoqualmie Pass. Idaho DOT has a web page dedicated to the tiny section of I-90 that passes through, what I will call the most intense mountain range I have ever driven through.

As of this moment, all the mountain passes in The West are all looking good. What doesn’t look good is a massive storm system ginning up in The Midwest. But, even though that will make for poor driving conditions, I will also be through all the mountain ranges, which will result is slow progress rather than the interstate shutting down. Drive back across the country… One… Two… Three… GO!