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100 Books While 40: A Brief History of Time

Title: A Brief History of Time
Author: Stephen Hawking
Published: 1988

Science is so stinking cool. Check this out.

I had a dream a few days back that I ran into Jeannine. She got my attention and identified herself as though we hadn’t seen each other in some time. I was simultaneously aware of my feelings in the dream and outside it. My heart burned at seeing her as a stranger outside the dream knowing that the beautiful moments we have shared do not exist in that reality. Inside the dream my heart jumpedĀ at seeing her.

I woke with the sensation of being completely in two different worlds. And encountering the link above filled me with wonder about the nature of our world. This sense of wonder is the same that I experienced reading Stephen Hawking.

My mind would swim at some of the concepts in the book barely grasping their implications. But the discomfort of being out of my depth was secondary to how incredible the ideas are. Time is not independent of space. Black holes are current manifestations of the same singularity that might have been the start of the cosmos. These ideas make the world a more shocking and vast place. There is no better reading to cure all cynicism and instill a sense of wonder at every moment.