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The Films – Organized And The Beginning Lot Is In Process

Here’s the chronological list of films my dad had. I have added the descriptions as written on the envelops as well as the dates when I could read them. I made minor additions for clarity here and there.

I took the first lot of them to the guy who’s going to digitize them this morning. He will give me digital files on flash drives, both edited in the way he deems most attractive and clear and the raw version of all of them. Once I get those digital files, I will create compressed versions of the movies that can be easily watched and shared on YouTube. I will then share the links on Facebook so that family can share as much as they wish with others. The earliest I expect to get them back is Thursday of next week (Aug 15 2019).

I decided to convert the films in chronological order, and I started with a smaller batch to make sure I like working with they guy who’s doing the conversion. Assuming I like him I will probably take him all the rest in one go. I have put the ones that I took in bold.

Niagra Falls 1965 – Mom and I have no idea who will be on these
Niagra Falls 1965

Xmas Peterson’s ’74-’75 – Yep, he misspelled it.
First Roll of Sound Film Salt Fork May 1975
Southwest Trip June 1975
Northwest Trip Aug & Sept 1976
Last Part of Northwest Trip Aug & Sept 1976
Nanna & Nannie Thanksgiving Summer ’76 and ’77
’75, ’76, ’77 Reunion
Judy, Jana, Vivian’s weddings & Dosh summer ’77
At Aunt Annie’s Aug 14 1977
Swimming pool Pt Pleasant NJ 1977 – This envelope is empty. There are two films out of the envelop, so perhaps one of this went in this envelop
Unlabeled and undated – but the packaging seems to indicate it’s from the last 70’s and possibly ’77 or ’78
Pt Pleasant Aug ’78 roll 1
Pt Pleasant Aug ’78 roll 2
Carol’s wedding Nov 26 1977
All Katie 1 and 2 yrs Xmas ’77 and ’78 parties and Santa
Karen’s wedding and Jane’s wedding Aug ’77 and Sept ’78
Gary’s Ordination – this is undated, so I don’t know where exactly to file it.
Reunion ’78 and ’79
Xmas ’79 at Bertha’s
Katie xmas ’78 3 yr birthday party xmas ’79
Alice and Stu wedding

Disney World Feb 1980
Katie’s 4th Birthday Party April 1980
Reunion Aug 1980
Xmas 80 roll 1
Xmas 80 roll 2
One roll that is unlabeled from March 23 1981 – this envelop was empty – there are two movies out of the envelop, so perhaps one of those went in this envelop
Three rolls that are unlabeled from Sept 28 1981
Christmas 1981 1
Christmas 1981 2
Fla-trip 81
Jennifer’s Wedding 1981
Northwest trip 1981
Cypress Gardens FL Mar 22 1982 roll 1
Cypress Gardens FL Mar 22 1982 roll 2
Tennessee Trip June 22 1982 roll 1
Tennessee Trip June 22 1982 roll 2
All grandkids Sept 7 1982
Grandkids in Abrigg’s house sandbox Sept 7 1982
Xmas 82 roll 1
Xmas 82 roll 2
Reunion 1981 and 1982
Disney World Oct 1982

Billy body building Feb 28 1983
Sept 25 1983 kids in the back yard
Reunion # 2 – no date, but by process of elimination I think 1983
Reuinion # 3 83
1 roll undated and unlabeled but appears to be in similar packaging to the 83/84/85 films
2 rolls with no date and a label that I cannot read – maybe it says Steve’s? As will note above they are in similar packating to the other 83/84/85 films
1 roll undated and unlabeled but appears to be in similar packaging to the 83/84/85 films
Reunion 1984 roll 1
Reunion 1984 roll 2
Reunion 1984 roll 3
Christmas 1984 roll 1
Christmas 1984 roll 2
Reuinion 1985 roll 1
Reunion 1985 roll 2
1 roll with the same develop date (Aug 26 1985) as the reunion rolls above with a label that I cannot read – maybe it says Francie?
3 rolls of film that were all developed Aug 25th 1986 without labels – my guess based on date and how quickly my dad seemed to develop what he shot is that these are the 86 reunion.
Kate Xmas 85 part 1
Kate xmas 85 # 2
Second part of farm? I cannot read that and beginning of Kate Christmas 1985 – weird thing about these three Christmas 85 films is that they show a develop date of 12/26/86 and accourding to all the other films dad developed right away. So, I am just wondering if he wrote the wrong date here.