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Comics Need To Grow A Pair

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I wish comics would stop winging about the fact that some people don’t like their comedy. Not only do they complain about the fact that others criticize comedy, they drape themselves in the mantle of the first amendment. Comics, you say controversial things for a living, stop having a bitch and a moan about controversy finding you. Water is wet you thin-skinned fools.

I am no fan of cancel culture. I think anything that encourages mob mentality isn’t calling us to be our best selves. So, I am in no way here for that behavior, and it really needs a whole separate post. But neither am I here for someone who makes a lot of money saying edgy things, having a sad about people expressing their feelings about said edgy things.

I went to see Dave Chappelle in Yellow Springs a few days back, and I really enjoyed it. So this post is in no way representative of that experience, and I will probably blog about it apart from this particular topic. I’ve been ruminating on comics freaking out about criticism for a while now, and seeing Chappelle just reminded me of it.

Comics are responding poorly to a new dynamic. Prior to the internet most people who were exposed to stand-up were folks who opened their wallets to see it. Comics did their thing in front of a group of people who were pre-disposed to accept their content generously. Enter the internet, and now instead of having an audience who is ready to laugh they have the globe as an audience often only getting snippets of their bits that are edited to be as inflammatory as possible. The globe is not amused.

This isn’t an assault on free speech. Last I checked there are no comics in jail. Comics need to stop escalating the rhetoric. Find some grace in accepting your comedy isn’t for everyone, and move on. Criticism is an aspect of saying controversial things publicly. So either pack it up and get a 9 to 5 or learn how to accept criticism like an adult.

I am putting this thought out on the internet. Someone might disagree with this and light me up over it. And that’s fine. This is how you say a thing publicly and accept that others might have feelings about it. Comics. You too can do this.

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