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The Gym

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The gym is a cess pool of germs. I thought this about it prior to the pandemic. I accepted it because working out is how I manage my depression and anxiety.

Gyms were closed here in Ohio for months, and I was reluctant to go back, but I was also suffering with having my primary coping mechanism off the table. But I did go back. Generally speaking, I think my gym is doing things as safely as possible, but I still believe it’s a very high risk activity just by its very nature. You have a bunch of strangers huffing and puffing in a building with unknown ventilation. I just don’t think that we are always six feet apart really mitigates the risk very much.

I tried to purchase some equipment to workout at home, but the pandemic had many people doing exactly the same thing. In March, gym equipment prices inflated by two, three, and four hundred percent. And because that really pissed me off, I have stubbornly refused to pay those sorts of prices. As a result my collection of equipment has been slow, but steady.

Between adjustable kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells and an olympic bar to connect them, an adjustable bench, a pull up bar, and some resistance bands my weight training should be taken care of. For my cardio, I am picking up a recumbent bike. Now, I just need to finish cleaning up the basement to make my home gym comfortable.

On one hand I am excited to put my own TV and Roku down there. That will be the first time I have ever controlled the TV at the gym! No more FoxNews for me. On the other, I am wondering if I will miss the ad hoc interactions I would have there.

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