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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

Pumpkin Spice Blues

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Cincinnati can have scorching temperatures until late October. The high on Halloween two years ago was in the low 90’s. In fact I would argue that our seasons are off by about 2 months, at least if you orient your seasons to the school year rather than the equinoxes and solstices.

This lack of alignment results me in enjoying a piping hot, sweet, fall spiced pumpkin spice late while sweating profusely in a tank top and trying to hide from the punishing sun. By the time the temperature prompts me to enjoy fall spiced foods, most menus have turned over to eggnog lattes and my moment to enjoy pumpkin spice has passed. I know there are parts of the world where having a white Christmas is out of the question, so this desired alignment of seasonal weather and seasonal beverages is silly.

But as I keep reminding myself suffering is a subjective experience. So, Starbucks, pretty pretty please, can you keep the pumpkin spice flowing until Thanksgiving? I really only need one or two double talls a season, so the first couple week in November would give me plenty of time to enjoy a delicious fall spiced beverage while feeling the crisp, cool air on my face.

Sincerely, ex-partner and ever devoted coffee fanatic.

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