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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

Crickets and Tree Frogs

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I decided to try a post from my phone. I far prefer a keyboard to my thumbs, so I expect this will be short.

I am sitting on the deck watching the sun go down and listening to the creatures of the night start their concert. The crickets are so loud that it’s tough to hear someone speaking in a normal tone of voice more than 5 feet off. There’s noise from the road and an occasional neighborhood dog barking.

This is the sort of simple pleasure I have been craving lately. I don’t know what about the COVID-19 anxiety makes me more inclined to watch the sun rise and sun set. Maybe I enjoy the consistency of it, and feel reassured that other humans at other times have watched this same sun rise high in the sky and sink into pastels at night. It reminds me humans have lived through many difficult times. Everything changes and everything ends.

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