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Get Back On The Horse

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I miss creating. I create all the time in terms of creative problem-solving both at work and at home. I am working on a bribery scheme right now to dissude the squirrels from eating our precious squashes. But I miss creating things that are more artistic and open to interpretation.

I haven’t been doing photography. I havne’t been writing. I have been drumming, but a massive part of my practice is around establishing muscle memory. And those exercises are fixed and do not require creativity. They require diligence and determination to push through the boredom that enevitably comes with 5 minutes of exactly the same beats. But they aren’t creative.

In truth, I just haven’t felt inspired. It’s an odd thing, to feel the itch to create while also having zero indication as to which direction that needs to be let loose. So, I am going to blog every day from now until Sept 13th. I figure if creativity is a muscle, perhaps I just need to work it, and see what happens.

One thought on “Get Back On The Horse

  1. Looking forward to reading what you have to say.

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