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Blundering through Cincinnati, laughing all the way

In The Meantime


I am working on a slightly longer blog about deep fakes. But it needs a bit more work. In the meantime, here’s my little old man looking a fool. His name is Henry, but since starting the Game of Thrones books I have taken to calling him Lord Tubbing Prince of Purrs and Petulance.

2 thoughts on “In The Meantime

  1. He is gorgeous. And I love how much you love him and put up with his crap. Cats scare me, frankly. I find them unpredictable and unresponsive to my love (you know, because I offer it rather than waiting to be summoned.). My grandson Eli completely understands and loves them so much. We must reach across the divide…

    • They are mercurial. Although I make a big deal about Henry biting my tender flesh, he actually rarely does that to me. He bites others all the time, which is why I tell guests to touch him at their own peril. Ninety-eight percent of the time he is snuggly and sweet to me.

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