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I’ve Been Quiet

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I’ve been away for a while. I haven’t been shooting. I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been to many music events in the last year and a half. So, that explains the shooting. And I haven’t had anything to say.

Jeannine pointed out that I was writing the most consistently during a time when I felt like I wasn’t being heard. As that ceased to be true, I had less and less of a compulsion to write. That feels correct.

The time to write slipped away too. I started having a daily hour of commuting, countless hours of house renovation activities, a new more demanding role at work, learning a new instrument, and moving to a whole30 diet requiring many hours in the kitchen. Oh, and planning a wedding. And moving.

The time to write is gone. But I would make time for it had the urge been present. I haven’t felt the pressure of words building inside me. I’ve had no reason to let off steam.

In true reckless fashion, I’ve decided to jump back in by getting a media pass to Midpoint Music Festival this weekend, exactly 7 days before our wedding. I thought what better way to break the ice than making a commitment to shoot hundreds of pictures and edit them when I should be worrying about finalizing the details of our wedding.


Did I mention we will host the rehearsal dinner at our home, and have people staying with us all weekend? Yeah. Did I mention we still have some painting to finish in the house? *insert crazed cackling here*

Jeannine is letting me bite off all this stuff I can’t chew. Part of it is her inability to resist the free passes we get with my media coverage. Another part of it is her strategically applying her aspiration to let go. I would like to think another part of it is her faith in one of my secret powers: as the challenge grows in complexity and difficulty my skills and grit rise to meet them.

I’m not bragging. This feature has a major drawback. I’m lazy, and cannot seem to muster that super power for anything but house-on-fire situations. Jeannine has wanted to strangle me at regular intervals during the last several months of wedding planning.

But I see smoke now, so here we go!

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