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What Does The Fox Say?

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I have been at the gym in the mornings watching CNN and Fox side by side. Boy. Is that illuminating. We don’t understand each other, because we are literally living on two different information planets. Skip to the bottom for a summary. 🙂
Here’s what CNN was talking about yesterday morning.
-The CBO’s findings on the Trumpcare and features of the bill.
This will will effect most Americans, and it is rightly taking up 20 min of the 7am hour.
-The intelligence community announcing they have no evidence of 45’s claims on being wire tapped.
A sitting president has accused our past president of illegal activity. Seems that is rightly taking up the 7am hour.
Here’s what FOX covered the same morning.
-A full fifteen minutes was spent interviewing a man whose wife died in a car accident with an illegal immigrant.
Without question, this is sad, but by having this at 730am for fifteen minutes it implies it is one of the most important things that has happened today for everyone in the US rather than a very very sad thing that happened to one man. It also implies that most motor vehicle related deaths are due to illegal immigrants. Spoiler, they are not.
-Allegations that HRC’s people had contact with Russians
I assume they covered this to avoid everything RE 45. Except, again, spending 10 minutes on this at 730am implies this one of the most important things happening today. But who has more power to impact every American, a sitting president or a citizen who is holding no office?
-Obamacare’s inventor complains about Trumpcare.
I think they covered this to avoid the CBO’s release. This man’s complaints were consistent of what I have heard from multiple sources, but by having these words come from *gasp* a filthy Obama cohort lots of Foxers can just dismiss everything he says as biased.
-The deficit. PBS was mentioned and it was said in a way that implies that if PBS is de-funded it would resolve the deficit.
Spoiler, not even close. They failed to mention anything about how 45 is gonna pay for his wall, the additional ICE agents, or his extra 60 billion to defense. I assume this too is to combat the negative feedback about Trumpcare. And in a number of online conversations conservatives are suddenly talking about the deficit, and that we need to cut Meals on Wheels because the deficit. Except Meals on Wheels is like a fraction of a percent of the deficit… As is PBS. If cutting the deficit is the goal then either medicare, medicaid or defense has to be cut or probably all. Or we raise taxes. But you would never know it watching Fox because their discussion didn’t show the discretionary or non-discretionary budgets. Not once. Seriously that pie chart is everywhere, but they don’t want their people seeing that.
TLDR Summary: If all you watch is Fox News you think illegal immigrants driving cars are your greatest bodily threat. HRC colluded with Russians too so it’s cool. Obamacare people say things about Trumpcare no conservative cares about. The deficit will destroy us but we can fix it by taking away PBS. If you watch CNN you know the numbers the CBO came out with and that 45 doesn’t have wire tapping evidence. NOTE: I think part of this is because Fox considers their AM programming commentary and not actual news. But how is that obvious to anyone? It all looks like talking heads.

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