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100 Books While 40: Silent Spring

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Title: Silent Spring
Author: Rachel Carson
Published: 1962

People with lady parts cannot science. That was the defense chemical companies launched against Rachel Carson. She’s a hysterical woman.

Rachel Carson documents the link between pesticides and bee die offs. She documents the link between pesticides and cancer. She documents the link between estrogen mimicking chemicals and lady parts cancer. This was all based on research from the 50’s.

And where are we now? Are we judicious about our use of chemicals on our food and in our water? Have we been considerate of the blunt force trauma we inflict on ecosystems when we introduce foreign chemicals and medications.

Well. There’s organic food, I suppose. There’s also a medical system that is raking in billions and billions of dollars on treating cancer. Cancer prevention doesn’t line pockets nearly as well. There’s Monsanto pumping lobbyists full of cash to buy politicians and government agents. And there’s the 80 percent of our antibiotics that are pumped into our livestock.

What had changed? We were busy making sure chemical companies made money in the 50’s. After years of data collection we still are busy making sure chemical companies make money now. Women’s words were discounted then. And women’s agency is discounted now, as evidenced by the Turner rape sentencing. What has changed?

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