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Bunbury 2015 Must See: Mini Mansions

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I am writing this while on a plane. As I roar over the the Appalachian Mountains, the energetic little boy behind me is beating his tray table into submission. I don’t know what infractions incited this tiny human’s rage; I do know that my seat has been jostling in a way that very old wooden roller coasters aim to shake one’s teeth out of their sockets. Who knew I would regret leaving the sports bra at home?

On the subject of tiny humans, the infant to my left has very powerful lungs. I understand how air pressure works, but I still find the pops and cracks in my head unpleasant. The tiny screaming human has more of my sympathy than the tray table marauder behind me.

Praise be to the gods of air travel that I could mute the tiny human sounds with noise cancelling ear buds and the sweet, sweet sounds of Mini Mansions. On first listen, I heard a strong Beatles influence. But I am wondering if I am responding to the relative complexity of their songs, rather than similarities in vocals and melodic choices. Plus, it seems a lofty thing to compare almost any band to such venerable rock and roll icons.

Mini Mansions play at Bunbury on Friday at 530.

Check out their video link to mini mansions video.

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