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Bunbury 2015 Must See: Shakey Graves

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Americana seems to be a thing right now. Slickly produced well manicured bands with banjos and mandolins abound. Hey there Mumford and Sons and Lumineers. I’m sure the lack of banjo on Mumford’s most recent release will be the cause of much consternation.

American folk music has such a rich history. It’s been a tool for telling stories, sharing misery, and speaking out against systemic oppression. All these bearded pretty bands feel hollow when I consider the history of the product they are hustling.

But then there’s really gorgeous music happening just out of the spot light. Shakey Graves lives in this space. His voice is captivating.

I am curious to see his one-man performance. Typically, solo performances aren’t dynamic enough to hold my attention for long. But I love being proven wrong.

Shakey Graves performs at Bunbury 2015 Sunday at 530.

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