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100 Books by 40: CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR

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Book: CLAN of the Cave Bear
Author: Jean M. Auel
Published: 1980

I get the point of this book. I understand the research that preceeded it. I respect research.

The book is set in prehistoric history when early versions of man were competing to survive and evolve. What we recognize as humans had just emerged, and our ancestors were starting to die off. The book provides enormous detail describing what life was like for early man, including lists of available plants and animals and tools that were in use at the time.

I appreciate the effort that this required. This only elevates my disappointment at the other aspects of the book. The dialog is shit, partially this is due to the neanderthal characters speaking mostly in a primative form of sign language. But the plot is terrible too. The main story arc describes a struggle between the heroine and her nemesis. Unfortunately neither of them are well develope, and they are devoid of any complex emotions. When this arc was resolved at the end of the book, I felt nothing.

This book is solidly mediocre. All that great research really can’t make up for everything else that is lacking. Read at your own risk.

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