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Nobody Expects The Ridges or Final Friday

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Last night was crazy at MOTR. I don’t  know if spring fever made everyone hungry for a bender. I don’t  know if Final Friday attendees finally succumbed to all their complementary wine tastings throughout the night. Maybe the agressive drunken crowd fell victim to a frothy mix of both of these things. I do know that last Saturday at MOTR wasn’t off the rails like last night was.

Now then, the music. I heard Automagic for the first time. Essentially, any band that brings melodic synth sounds is going to win my heart, and win my heart, they did. I got the sense that they are still figuring out their stage presence, but I am happy to watch their evolution.

Although The Ridges were struggling with sound issues for too many moments for the impatient crowd to endure, they opened their act with a fire in their bellies. This effervescent energy is what keeps me coming back to their shows. Of course  it helps that they are well rehearsed and have rumbling Americana songs that resonate with any Midwesterner. Here’s what I saw.


Automagic at MOTR Pub


Automagic laying down their pop goodness.


The drummer from Automagic is killing it.


The Ridges at MOTR


Who doesn't love banjo?


Sound check blues.


MOTR is packed!

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