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Midpoint Music Fest 2014 Must-see: Love X Stereo

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Hooray for finding an act that’s playing on Friday as opposed to Saturday. Also, hooray for pop goodness. The only thing that’s not so much hooray, is the venue they are playing. Mainstay Rock Bar is an excellent venue for this fest, but damn is it off on its own. The venue is blocks away from any other venue. The Taft is about 5 blocks away from Mainstay. And then The Taft and Mainstay are about eight blocks away from the other venues.

I make short work of this problem on my bicycle, which in my mind is a must for this festival. So, note, are you coming from out of town? If you can bring a bicycle, you should. That will enable you to cut your trip to either of those venues in the downtown business district to 10 minutes or less. One foot that would take closer to twenty minutes, even if you are hustling. Also, enjoy this pop music.

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