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100 Books by 40: THE WOMAN IN WHITE

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I am behind in blogging. I have 4 books to write about, a peach and tomato canning session, and pictures to process from my vacation to Seattle. Here’s to putting my pants on one leg at a time. While we are on pants metaphors, I need to pull-up my big girl pants. This always gets tricky because my temptation is to cram in every disparate thought into the first blog and leave nothing for the remaining three.

I’ve reached a point in my list where most of the books are either too new or obscure to be free for download on my Kindle. This explains why I am reading a book at number 77, when all the rest of my books are in the 50’s or 60’s. After a review of the latter half of my lists, I realized that my Kindle books would need to be purchases from this point forward, The Woman in White being a rare exception.

I was reading A Suitable Boy while reading this book. I hated A Suitable Boy. While there were several reasons I hated that book, one main reason was the unconscious mysongeny. I will cover that more in that blog, but let’s just say the femininism on display in The Woman in White made A Suitable Boy look like woman-hating propaganda.

The book is a mystery set in England. Other themes include the precarious position of women in that society given that wealth was passed from penis to penis in that period of time. There were also some interesting bits where English propriety prevented actions on the part of the protagonists to guard them from bodily harm. It was no Emily Bronte, but it was a fun read regardless. It ended in an absurdly tidy way, making this a beach read. But all that being said, it was fun. I suggest it, but I probably won’t be reading this again.

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