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100 Books by 40: Naughts and Crosses

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I like the idea of this book. But wow, it was heavy-handed and overly dramatic. The author describes a dystopian alternate universe. In this place, white people ,naughts, were enslaved by black people, crosses. The books opens when the naughts are beginning the struggle to have equality.

This is a young adult book. The story centers around a young naught and cross who are in love. The story is about how they struggle with their love while occupying such different positions in their society. This is the least interesting part of the book.

The concept of flipping the script on race relations works. The story covers a bit about history, and the fact that it’s only written by the dominant race/culture. She lists naught inventors that were left out of history books, that results in leaving the students with the impression that only crosses are capable of making advances in science. The naughts that she lists are actual black inventors that are skipped over in most history books even today. She addressed the roll of media, and how the content can also further in accurate impressions of naughts as they are only covered when they engage in criminal acts. The TV show COPS anyone?

Did I like this book? Not exactly. I liked the concept. I didn’t like the book. Would I read it again? Certainly not. Should you read it? The concept is pretty great. And the book is an easy short read. Because I like the concept so well, I would suggest picking this book up. Just prepare yourself for out dramatic it is.

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