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Bunbury 2014: Must See Bands Bronze Radio Return and Bad Suns

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I have two more must see bands to add to my Bunbury agenda. I love seeing live music. Descriptions of this love don’t fit in my less than skilled command of the English language, but these song lyrics by Bronze Radio Return come close to capturing it. I am super excited to see these guys in July.

We’ve talked about my weakness for 80’s pop before. Then this pick should surprise you in no way. The vocalist for Bad Suns would be the result of a union between Roland Orzabal from Tears for Fears and Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode. Given that Depeche mode is among my favorite bands of the 80’s this was a love at first listen. Side note: when you type Tears for Fears into Google, one of the top three auto-prompts is Tears for Fears gay. Heh.
One other note for any Bunbury fanatics like me, thanks to my friend Kat for bringing this to my attention. Currently, Lydia Loveless and Meg Myers are scheduled for the same time slot at Bunbury on Friday June 11 . I like the sound of both of them, but had panned on having to skip one or the other. Turns out Lydia Loveless is headlining Paddlefest, here in Cincinnati, June 21st. I’m pleased to scratch that conflict off my list. Plus, I would like to see Loveless in a longer time slot. Win/Win!

One thought on “Bunbury 2014: Must See Bands Bronze Radio Return and Bad Suns

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